For The Water Of Life

Glen Nectar

Whisky’s Soul Mate

Essence of forest & glen,
of highland life itself

Some things were never meant to be hurried. Like natures sculpting of the highlands and glens, forests and springs that give whiskey its character and form.

Good things take time to evolve. It gives them more depth and spirit.

Glen Nectar was just so: an age in the coming, and eon in making. Its whisky’s “anam cara”, its soul mate.

Glen Nectar is maple and walnuts, molasses with a hint of ginger and mystery spice.

It’s an aroma of leather and tobacco with notes of caramel.

Whisky and Glen Nectar

The perfect marriage from Caledonia’s earth

It’s where whisky was meant to live

Glen Nectar

Whisky’s Anam Cara

Imagine a fusion of flavour in synergy, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

A summer’s crop, a winter’s ferment. A golden nectar from tree and bee, field and crop.

As characterful as the whiskey its partners.

Imagine a potion:

Imagine Glen Nectar

Scotch through and through

CHARACTERFUL as the whisky it partners

Perfect love cannot be without equality

Scottish proverb

Whisky is a choosy single. It’s difficult to partner. There are some who say it was never destined to have a date.

Flood it with coke and it suffocates in sugar, float it in ginger ale and it loses its bite. Saturate it with soda and it bloats in bubbles, cut it with water and it drowns.

It’s a salutory lesson: don’t mix with the wrong kind.

But what if the perfect partner came along: one who respected its personality and never undermined its confidence?

A muse to its gaze, a partner in crime, faithful to its host.

Glen Nectar is formulated not to overwhelm. It’s subtle and yet assertive and integrates with whiskey through shared DNA: in colour, tone, and heritage

It will lengthen the whisky experience but not shorten its character. 

It’s more than the sum of the parts.

Nectar was food of the gods.

Glen Nectar feeds the spirit.

An enigma to the palette, a golden chimera in a glass.

Don’t sour your whisky - Glen Nectar it

Perfect host. Perfect guest.

A date worth waiting for

There are two things a highlander likes naked and one of them is malt whisky

Scottish proverb

Until now…

The global whisky market is worth US$58 billion and growing an 6% per annum. The Asia-Pacific region is growing fastest, but the upward trend is global.

Scotch is definitely not on the rocks.

“Perhaps the most important progress Scotch can make in 2020 is firmly connecting with Millennials. If the category can push past lingering stigmas, then these whiskies can offer exactly what younger consumers enjoy.”

The profile of whisky drinkers is already becoming younger. While older hardcore whiskey drinkers often imbibe it neat, the new generation lean towards longer spirit-based drinks with mixers to lower the alcohol and lengthen the experience.

But strict manufacturing processes mean whisky is unable to evolve like gins and vodkas.

That job is therefore down to the mixer.

Like tonic, which goes with vodka as well as gin, Glen Nectar has wider appeal. It would complement dark rum as well as bourbon and rye.

The NEW dew to the dram

Brings the clans together

Glen Nectar

Glen Nectar - Original

For different palettes, changing seasons, there’s always a reason:

Whether for festive spice, long summer days, as aperitifs or digestifs, with the heat of ginger or a smooth cream that lingers, Glen Nectar is here to enchant.

Choose your mood, match your mixer, make your whisky richer from the partnership:

its alchemy in flavour and the result is always pure gold.

Glen Nectar has evolved into 5 distinct flavours besides the timeless ORIGINAL blend:

Partners IN highland life

Glen Nectar Ltd has been developed for a major drinks brand to add to its portfolio.

We have conceptualised, formulated and researched the drink, along with complimentary marketing messages and ingredients sourcing. As a mixer it sits unique.

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Destined to find each other

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